The Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Consortium (ACTC) ( seeks applications to join the network from research centers capable of conducting high integrity clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Alzheimer's disease related dementias (ADRD) with an emphasis on enrolling participants who are representative of the greater disease suffering population.

 ACTC's mission is to facilitate state-of the art AD/ADRD interventional trials by providing an optimal infrastructure, utilizing centralized resources, and leveraging shared expertise.


What type of research sites are invited to apply?

ACTC is looking for two categories of research sites:

  1. Category A - Member Sites: Sites with established track record of conducting AD/ADRD trials.
  2. Category B - Developmental/Exploratory Trial Sites: Sites with less experience in the conduct of AD/ADRD clinical trials interested in mentored opportunities through the consortium to establish rigorous programs in the conduct of these studies. Of particular interest for this category are sites with the leadership, staff, access, and relationships with communities who are typically under-represented in AD/ADRD trials.
  • Centers at academic institutions as well as not-for-profit and commercial organizations are encouraged to apply.
  • Only sites within the United States qualify for either category of membership due to NIA regulations.

What are the benefits of ACTC membership?

ACTC is the premier NIA-funded network of AD/ADRD trial sites.


Member sites:

  • Annual infrastructure funding covers effort for the following four positions: 5% of the Principal Investigator (PI), 20% of a Co-PI (ideally an early or mid-career investigator), 50% of a Site Liaison, and 100% of a community outreach coordinator.
  • Site PIs are voting members of the ACTC Steering committee, approve any new ACTC Study proposals, provide input and guidance on study design and conduct, and may even co-lead multisite trials.
  • Site staff have opportunity and access to an array of resources and committee involvement opportunities, intended to enhance the quality of trial conduct for individual investigators, sites, and the network overall.

Developmental/Exploratory sites:

  • ACTC developmental/exploratory sites receive annual infrastructure cost to cover effort for the following four positions: 5% PI, 5% co-PI, 25% site liaison, 100% community outreach coordinator. This effort will support the planning and establishment of the infrastructure to become an ACTC member site.
  • Developmental/exploratory sites will receive formal mentoring from an ACTC mentoring committee, with the goal of building capacity to support and eventually participate in ACTC trials.
  • Site staff have opportunity and access to an array of resources and committee involvement opportunities, intended to enhance the quality of trial conduct for individual investigators, sites, and the network overall.

ACTC site personnel (member and developmental/exploratory sites) participate in three ACTC steering committee meetings each year to discuss ongoing and consider new consortium studies and initiatives.

What are the expectations from ACTC Member Sites?

ACTC Member Sites must agree to a Master Clinical Trial Agreement and to use the single, central Institutional Review Board (IRB). Fixed trial budgets are utilized for ACTC studies across all sites. Budgets do have input from a committee.

Member site funded personnel are expected to attend the ACTC steering committee meetings, participate in ACTC committees, initiatives, and trials and actively engage in the consortium activities. Sites must meet minimum performance requirements to maintain financial support. Minimum performance requirements are established with input from the ACTC steering committee members and the ACTC site metrics and budget committee.


How do I apply?

Submit your application using this link (draft form below). You will upload CVs for your application PI and co-PI. Applications are due May 30, 2023. Applications are reviewed in June and selection will take place early June 2023, with subcontracts sent during July 2023.


How can I learn more?

ACTC's website has more about the consortium, our leadership and our activities.

Studies we are conducting: 

See our current member sites:


Have more questions? Contact , ACTC Program Administrator:, 858-531-7089.

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