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Thank you for your interest in the Introduction Clinical and Translational Research Study Design (8-week series). Please take a moment to RSVP your interest below, so that we may contact you directly by August 21st about enrollment, application, and payment process.

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Course Title: Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research Study Design 2023

Course Information:

• This course is designed for residents, fellows, and interested junior faculty as a practical introduction to clinical research methods. Applicants must identify a research topic and faculty advisor.

• Tuition cost is $500.

• Enrollment is limited to the first 80 accepted applications.

Course Goals:

•To provide a foundation in key components of the design of clinical and translational research.

•To facilitate the development of students' research protocols in preparation for foundation grant applications.

•To improve the reporting quality of clinical and translational research studies.

Course Format:

• This 8-week course will meet via Zoom online, Thursdays mornings, 10 am - 12 pm, from Sep. 28, 2023 - Nov. 16, 2023.

• Watch pre-recorded lectures prior to class. Lecture discussions start at 10 am, and small group breakout sessions are at 11 am.

Lecture Topics (Lecturers-TBA):

• Clinical Translational Research Overview
• Systematic Reviews
• Subjects and Variables
• Study Design
• Causality and Bias
• Statistics and Sample Size Estimation
• Research Using Existing Databases
• Study Implementation


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